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tomorrow is an important day here in atlantic county.

the 8th annual run 4 ricky !

in 2004 (can’t believe it’s been 7years) ricky wilcox was a hs senior.

heading off to wvu the next fall.

his life was cut short the night before his hs graduation

in a car accident.

ricky was a wrestler

& his family has turned their grief into something amazing.

the ricky wilcox scholarship fund.

i knew rick since we were kids &

he wrestled with my brother.

then our dads worked together,

and rick was a year younger than me in hs,

we hung with similar crowds.

i still remember the last time seeing him,

on the beach in ocean city.

& i can picture him riding in his jeep,

top down,

shirt off working on his tan.

if you’re in the area come join the run/walk

(i’ll be walking with sonnyboy)

Saturday, June 11


274 Friendship Road
Buena, NJ
(Behind Buena High School)

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